Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back in the day

A couple years ago I was discussing BeaverBum with a very successful adult website administrator. He gave me a list of rules to follow. I was impressed with myself that I already did many of the things on his list, such as not starting a site without at least 10,000 thumbs and using a good strong brand. There were a couple points he made which I didn't do. 1 point was to use trade scripts. These scripts inflate adult traffic and are used widely across the adult community. The way they work is that when you click on a thumbnail, sometimes it takes you to the gallery and other times it sends you off to some other site. In return for doing this, the site you send them to will send you back a user.

I would never put a trade script on BeaverBum. The whole reason I decided to get into this industry is because trade scripts pissed me off. I wanted to have a porn site I could go to without being pushed all over the internet against my will.

Another knock against my site was that I didn't have any bookmarkers. Bookmarkers are reminders placed all over to remind people to bookmark the site. It probably would have got me a few more retained users, but I figured I would go way above and beyond bookmakers.
I decided that I would capture email addresses. By capturing email addresses, I can tell people to come back to my site. I dont have to rely on them navigating though their bookmarks and stumbling upon my bookmark. For those who get my email SexyInbox is also mine, I do not share email addresses with anybody. SexyInbox sends daily and BeaverBum sends a bigger weekly email.

Over the years of surfing porn, I did sometimes regret not bookmarking a particular site or particular model. I honestly never saw those sites again, but I have come across the models again doing what I do. Dwelling on whether I should or should not add bookmarkers to BeaverBum lead me to a new idea. My "Adored" section.

Instead of bookmarking my site to the browser, I rely on people remembering BeaverBum and coming back. However for those who do come back, I created an "Adored" section. The purpose of the "Adored" section is to essentially allow registered users to store a list of their favourite models. The models have to be classified before they can be added to the "Adored" section, but the way I have it setup is that it only takes a few seconds to classify the model. And another few seconds to A.K.A. that model to another classified model. In the "Adored" section you can also choose your favourite gallery of the model. I have found this to be very handy because there are certain poses or camera angles which I like to see, and not every gallery has them. Allowing me to pick my #1 gallery of a model will ensure that I can get back to my favourtie poses, should I ever need to.

Hope you guys enjoy the "Adored" section. Keep on BeaverBum'in!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to BeaverBum's Web Log

I am a big fan of BeaverBum. I am also the creator. The reason BeaverBum was created in the first place is because most of the porn sites I visited, kept directing me all over the place instead of giving me the porn I wanted.

Popups, link redirection, broken galleries are highly frustrating when you just want to jerk your chain. BeaverBum was originally created to avoid those problems.

Upon continuing to surf for porn, I started going into porn forums. I thought these places were much better because they had threads dedicated to each model. But in every thread the same gallery was posted over and over. Many of the links were broken or spam. The idea of having all the girls categorized I loved, but I hated how much time was wasted sorting through the bullshit.

So the new goal of BeaverBum was to have a categorized system where all the models would have their own section. This works great and was not that hard to do. But often girls go by several different names. I wanted to give everybody the ability to see all the galleries of a girl, without having to know all her different names and all the different sites that have her content.

Another problem I was having is that there are often different girls with the same name on the same site. I had managed to sort all the girls by name and by site, but I needed something that would organize it and tie it all together.

I changed my mind several times as to how I wanted to do it. Eventually I decided just to try to implement it and see how it goes. What I came up with was a models section that automatically sorts the girls by name and by site. It then allows human intervention to break apart the models with the same name. I call this my Model Classification System. For example, Anna from Met-Art was several different girls. The Model Classification System enables registered BeaverBum users to organize a model such as Anna into Anna [Class A], Anna [Class B] ... and so on. So each different Anna, is seperated into their own class. Classifying these girls is easy to do because you simply put each free sample gallery of Anna into a different class.

In most cases, such as Anya from MPLStudios there is only one girl with that name that belongs to that site. In these cases I have made it even easier to classify these models by adding a checkbox labeled "All Models are the same person" which will set all the galleries as Class A.

After a model is classified, she can then be A.K.A.ed. Classified models can be joined together. For example: Juliette [Group A] from SapphicErotica is Also Known As Eufrat [Group A] from Met-Art and Eufrat [Group A] from 1ByDay and Eufrat [Group A] from EuroGirlsOnGirls and Eufrat [Group A] from Femjoy and Eufrat [Group A] from LSGModels and Eufrat [Group A] from Twistys and Eufrat [Group A] from MetModels and Eufrat [Group A] from Errotica-Archives and Jana [Group A] from JustTeenSite and Eufrat [Group A] from GlamourModelsGoneBad and Eufrat [Group A] from MC-Nudes and Eufrat [Group A] from Watch4Beauty and Eufrat [Group A] from SuperGlam. Get the idea?

I created links to each of those sections. So if you go to Eufrat [Group A] from SuperGlam
you get all of her SuperGlam galleries at the top proceeded by all her other A.K.A. galleries. Now anybody looking to actually buy porn can see that Juliette [Group A] from SapphicErotica has tons of galleries. Met-Art also has many many samples of Eufrat. So if I were buying porn and I like lesbians, I would buy a membership to SapphicErotica. If I liked more solo high quality sets, I would get a membership through Met-Art.

Wow. I impressed even myself with that one. But the Model Classification section was hidden deep within the Models Section of BeaverBum. I had to make it more.... obvious. So at the top of every free sample gallery I put a link. View more Eufrat [A] from SuperGlam seemed to be a fairly obvious call to action. Clicking that link will take them to the abundence of Eufrat galleries.

The model section also includes an alphabetized index and search tool.

If you have already checked out BeaverBum, thank you for your support. Let me know your feedback below. I always welcome comments and suggestions.


The Beav